RedEagle Drums

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Originality and artistic expression,
drawn from all cultures, driven by the wisdom of the ages, for the purpose of peace.
RedEagle Drums is a cooperative comprised of the creative spirits of
women who have a passion for drums and drumming.

RedEagle Drums is located in West-Central Minnesota, near Henning. Workshops in Drum Making, Beading, Rawhide Painting are offered throughout the year and a wide-variety of special events are held around the surrounding area.

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Doris Issendorf Linder Doris Issendorf Linder, the founder of RedEagle Drums, made her first drum from a "Tandy Leather Kit" over 25 years ago. In 2009 her courage and strong belief in the spiritual powers of drumming led her to create RedEagle Drums.

Following her husband Izzy's diagnosis of lung cancer, Doris longed for clarity and meaning. Through the course of his battle with cancer and death in 2002, she began a search for Spirit. Doris learned the power of prayer. She discovered and grew increasingly committed to developing a special relationship...a connection to Spirit. She followed her quest with determination which eventually led her to express that relationship with Spirit through drumming.

Through her energy, talent and creativity Doris brought RedEagle Drums to an amazing place...a place where she now can share Spirit through drums and drumming. She hosts monthly drum circles at her home and locations throughout the area. She has been an advocate for the healing powers of drumming and has introduced drums at nursing homes, a dementia unit, a teen rehabilitation facility, VA care giver support group, cancer support groups, as well as local schools and churches. Doris has also been instrumental in getting drum circles started in several locations around MN.


Drumming Circles are held at various locations throughout the year.


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Drumming Circle