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Doris Issendorf Linder
I think of Spirit Pouches as medicine of power for your personal spiritual journey. They are like a portable, living altar. Carry items that represent your inner it an amulet, special stone, or good luck charm.
Make time to open your bag and create your altar wherever you are. Keep the bag close and incorporate it into your daily meditation. Fill it with your intent and grow your own special life.

Spirit Pouches on left have deer antler button closures ($25)
All Spirit Pouches are made from deer leather.
Turtle Shell Pouches on right have all leather backing ($45)

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- Lampshades -

Deer-Hide shades can be round, rectangle and square. Shades can be beaded and have novel embellishments.
Each hide has it's own characteristic.

Lampshades are custom orders only and are created just for you. Contact us for more detailed information on customizing and availability.
beaded lampshade closeup

Shades are priced by size (13" - 15" - 18" - 20") and number of panels, type of hide and embellishments if any.   Please specify when ordering.
Shade #1 = $120
(5" top)(11" height)
(15" top)

Shade #2= $130
(4" top)(8.5" height)
(9" top)
Shade #3 = $140
(6" x 8.5" top) (11" height)
(10.5" x 15" bottom)