RedEagle Drums

<<>>  as within ... so without  <<>> This idea is that Universal Energy follows thought. If you go about your day thinking positive thoughts, it is more likely you will attract positive energy and have positive results. Several years ago, I was told in an intuitive reading I should put my "medicine" into the drums. As a result, the intention for each drum comes from my life at the time. When making a custom drum for someone, I ask what their intention for the drum is and, during the drum-making process, I meditate on that intent.

Smudging is a simple Native American ritual that uses sacred herbs to cleanse. When I begin working on a drum, I smudge myself as well as the area and supplies. I say thank you to the trees for providing the frames and to the animals for the rawhide. I also place smudging herbs inside the intention drum. These herbs have different qualities: Sage dispels negative energy. Cedar calls in positive energy. Sweet grass offers a blessing.

- New Beginnings - New Beginnings This 24" Cow Hide Drum is made with
as the intention. The stand is Minnesota Red Cedar. Drum comes with 4 fiberglass sticks and stand which can be used in two height positions.
Drum, sticks and stand = $885
- Healing - Healing This 28" Buffalo Hide Drum is made with
as the intention. The stand is made of Minnesota Red Cedar Drum comes with stand (which may be used in two height positions) and 4 fiberglass sticks.
Drum, sticks and stand = $945
BUFFALO HIDE CEDAR TABLE DRUM Cedar Table Drum This 8-sided playable drum can also serve as an end table.
The frame is Minnesota White Cedar and features a lighted bottom.
Drum is 24" in diameter and stands 20" tall.
Price = $500
SISTER DRUM Sister Drum This drum is made of Elk hide and comes with rod iron stand and 2 sticks.
(Case Set for Drum, Sticks Stand = $165)
Drum is 20" in diameter and with stand is 22" tall.
Price = $575