Hand Drums

All Hand Drums feature a four-direction handle for a comfortable grip.  Our drums are strong, lightweight, durable, and portable. No two hides are identical; therefore, no two drums are identical.

Hand Drum sizes range from 9 inches to 20 inches. The larger the drum, the deeper the tone. Humidity has an effect on the rawhide and thus the sound of your drum. Drums should be stored in a humidity-controlled environment.

REDEAGLE DRUMS are made from the skins of Deer, Horse, Elk, Moose, Buffalo, Bear, Goat and Cow. All rawhide will have different tones and vibrations. Deer and Goat skin drums are lightweight and have a higher pitch. Horse skin drums are unique in color, lightweight, and have a deeper voice. Elk skin is also lightweight and produces a fine tone and is less susceptible to humidity than the lighter weight hides. Buffalo is a heavy hide that is generally darker in color and has a deep voice. Moose hide drums, although not as heavy as Buffalo, also have a deep voice. Bear skin is thin and lightweight and produces a deep voice. Cow hide is a durable thicker hide. Cow hides are available in natural or processed.

REDEAGLE DRUMS are all playable and will look great on display in your favorite space. They also make unique keepsakes for hunters to remember a successful hunt.

Elk Hide

Deer Hide

Buffalo Hide

Cow Hide

Horse Hide

Goat Hide

Original Hand-Painted Drums Designed by Minnesota Artists

Each drum is a one-of-a-kind creation. Images may vary as each design is individually created by the artist. We take commissioned work and will accept personal designs. Call us at 218-583-4102 for more details.

Original Hand-Painted Can Drums

RedEagle Drums recycles. These unique drums have an original Decoupage Design on a #10 metal can. Drums are all double-sided and laced with rawhide. The skins are from a variety of hides. This working drum is a fun gift for children of all ages = $45