Shakers and Rattlers

Beaded Shakers
Large 7×14 – $40
Medium = $30
Small = $20

Gourd Drum Shakers
10-12″ tall, heads 6-7″ wide = $35

Turtle Shell Shakers = $45

Diamond Willow Handle Turtle Shell Shakers = $50

The Perfect Little Drum

For child or for traveling.

9″ plain drum + $50.
9″ Painted Drum = $65.

Child’s Custom Design Backpack Sets

(12″x12″ bag with 20″ strap)
Backpack, 9″Goat Skin Drum & Stick = $125

Drum Bags

All our drums bags are handmade, and uniquely fashioned and designed to accommodate drums of different sizes. Drum bags are fully lined, and have Velcro or zipper. The measurements listed are the largest diameter drum that the bag will hold. We also customize drum bag orders. For more details or to place a special order, please call 218-583-4102 or e-mail us at

These colorful drum cases feature a reverse applique panel handmade by Hmong women. The bag is 23″ wide and 25″ deep. The straps are 40″ long. These bags are fully lined with cotton material and have fleece batting.
Price = $95

Bags By Jewels

These beautifully hand-crafted drum bags each have their own unique design and embellishments. Made with sturdy upholstery fabric, they are fully lined and have ¼” foam padding.

Lined Quilted Cases for Large Drums

Drum Cases with Zippers = $75
Case for Stand and Sticks with Velcro Closure = $75
Case for Drum, Sticks and Stand Set = $145