Drum-Making Workshops

Do you want to make a your own drum that is unique and personalized? RedEagle Drums has many options available for you to create your own special drum. Choose your hide: goat, cow, deer, elk, buffalo, moose, horse or bear. Select a drum frame and size. Round or 8-sided frames are available in sizes from 12 to 20 inches in diameter. Doris will help you to select a suitable hide and frame that will meet your expectations. Drum-Making Workshops are 3 ½ hours and you will take home your finished drum.

RedEagle Drum-Making Workshops Can Come to You.
Drum-Making Workshops are held in different locations in MN and surrounding areas. If you would like to have a Drum-Making Workshop at your own location and have 6-9 people participating RedEagle Drums can bring the workshop to you. Please call 218-583-4102 or e-mail Doris at doris.issendorf@gmail.com for specifics on hosting a Drum-Making Workshop.

Bring Your Own Hide

This workshop provides you with the opportunity to use your own hide and learn the techniques of cutting, lacing and stretching your hand drum. The rawhide preparation will be performed by the workshop facilitator. By appointment only.

Cost = $95

Do It Yourself

Hands on from start to finish! Work in the RedEagle Drums‘ workshop with your own hide. The facilitator will assist you through each step involved in the entire drum-making process.

Cost = $30

Supplies plus $10/hr.
(Approximately 5 hrs over the course of 4-7 days.)

Located in West Central Minnesota near Henning RedEagle Drums offers Drumming Circles and workshops in Drum Making throughout the year.
You can call 218-583-4102 or Click Here to E-Mail for more information.
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